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Here we are with my favorite part! I needed time to search and find questions and presentations about the exam but now I have a good resource list:. If you pass the exam, you will have many benefits: your name on Zend yellow pages, you will become member of the linkedin group only for engineers, have a Zend Studio license and discounts for Zend events and conferences.

Zend PHP Certification

CONS : the certification can't prove you can write and organize good and clean code. In any case we must continously learn, practice and test clean code. Studying more about data structures, algorithms and design patterns will bring us what we need to be a good developer and be able to solve problems in the real world using all tools we need PHPUnit, frameworks, BDD testing tools and so on.

Read this article on sitepoint that will give more informations about pro and cons.

Becoming a Zend PHP engineer. The book is only a pointer into the manual, the vulcan exams I found were really useful for underlining the key points of the topics you need to memorize in order to pass.

Zend Certification: PHP 5 Mock Exam Giveaway – Konstantin Kovshenin

I took 10 vulcan exams in preparation, and in total experienced different questions … so there is a lot of repetition. Not a bad thing as I kept forgetting things I learned the week previously.

I had similar experiences with the zend certification information. Did you use any testing sites for your mysql test?

As to the book, since we use PHP every day we are quite familiar with the majority of the topics, so the book just filled in the gaps. It was sufficient for that, but nothing more. Learning in a group made much more sense there.

But they are still very helpful. E-Mail-Benachrichtigung bei weiteren Kommentaren.

All in all a very positive learning experience for me.