The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success

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This high-quality and low-cost exposure is exactly what photo sharingbrings to your business marketing and communication plan. What if that same prospect also saw images ofhappy customers or your design or sales teams? Whereas text was the most common information shared, photographswere easily second. The real rise of photo-sharing web sites grew with thepopularization of the digital camera in the late s. Digital cameras allow you to godirectly from your camera to the Web with only one step, and without anyadditional hardware or software. It is as easy as plugging your camera intoyour USB port and uploading your images.

Of course, the next natural application of photo sharing that came aboutwas via e-mail. Sending your brother the photographs of graduation, orGrandma pictures of the kids, became increasingly popular—and increas-ingly demanding on the user to create e-mails for every viewer. The desire for. The other trend that quickly emerged—and added to the movementbehind the photo-sharing craze—was the incarnation of web sites such asKodakGallery. Additionally, the process of sharing photo-graphs has now grown beyond the digital camera and Internet to includecamera cell phones, BlackBerrys, and PDAs personal desktop assistants,such as the Palm Pilot.

Besides the standard options that accompany most cameras—such asauto-focus, auto-aperture, and digital display—the most common way todetermine the quality of the camera is—unsurprisingly—by the quality of thepicture. This is measured in megapixels, or the total number of pixels—ordots—the camera records in a single image. The higher the number of pixels,the better quality the image.

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While most cameras start at about 3 megapixels,some run at around 5mp—and a few consumer cameras are available as highas 10mp. Amegapixel is 1 million pixels or dots per image. The total number of pixels iscalculated by multiplying the total horizontal pixels by the total verticalpixels. Therefore, a 5mp camera will take a photo image with 5 million totalpixels or dots. A lower-qualityphotograph will appear grainy or fuzzy if not taken at a high enough picturequality.

Anything above a 3mp camera should print your photographs atadequate quality, and a 5mp or better will do a great job. The most popular way to do so today is using a digital camera. Most arepoint-and-click with fully automatic features and take incredibly accuratephotos. So go out and click away,practice, try different ideas, and take a lot of pictures. There are other alternatives to using a digital camera, like your camera-enabled cell phone. At that point, it essentially becomes a digital camera thatyou can use to make telephone calls! The next step is to transfer your photographs from your camera to yourcomputer.

The Social Media Bible (3rd ed.)

The cable usually USB and software, if you need it, will havebeen provided to you by the camera manufacturer. You can save time and effort if you still have the negatives for those photo-graphs; then you can simply have your photo developer print them from thenegative directly to a digital CD. And mostphoto-editing applications allow you to upload your photos directly to yourweb-based photo-sharing site with the click of a button. Now that you have all of your photographs edited to perfection, the nextstep is simply to upload them to your favorite photo-sharing web site.

Onceyou have created an account, just follow the directions on how to proceed. This usually is as simple as selecting Upload, then Browse, locating yourimage, and hitting OK.

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Many of these sites have their own uploader softwareapplications that allow you to simply drag and drop your photos onto theapplication and automatically upload them to the web site. You can eventransfer your photographs through your e-mail. These keywords are the ones you would use if youwere searching the site for a photograph like yours.

The Social Media Bible Tactics Tools and Strategies for Business Success

Most photo-sharing sites provide other services, like allowingyou to order prints of your photographs, as well as create photo books oralbums, and even custom calendars from your personal snapshots. Andalways remember to upload your photographs to Google Earth. By selectingthe user photograph layer, you can upload your photos and view those ofothers as well, based on geographic location. Onlinephoto theft and fraud have become critical issues with photo-sharing web.

Nearly every one of these sites supports the CreativeCommons License, which allows users to designate their photos by the levelof copyright protection they wish to have. All the sites take theft seriously. The Creative Commons License allows many photo-sharing web sitesto grant those with copyrighted photographs access to use the site to selllicenses to their photographs.

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So, in addition to helping to protect thephotographer, they are providing a system for the photographer to makemoney through their photographs. Techniques and TacticsAlthough this chapter acknowledges the fact that uploading photos is largelyfocused on sharing with friends and family your images of birthday parties,bat mitzvahs, babies, and weddings, the purpose behind this book—and thischapter—is to show readers how to use photo-sharing web sites to createadditional revenue. Businesses are using these techniques to share images oftheir products, tech support, employees, assembly lines, inventory, andhappy customers.

You can help this process along by uploading as many photographs asyou can, and entering the best meta tags as possible.

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Remember toapproach this process from the mindset of a prospect or customer who issearching the site for you and your product or service. What words wouldyou use if you were them? Most photo-sharing web sites allow you to create and participate ingroups. Be sure to link your photos to the appropriate groups and com-munities on your photo-sharing site. Twenty-one press photos of theevent were taken.

These pictures appear at www. The conferencefounders created a larger group named Arizona Entrepreneur Con-ference. This group pool combines photographs from all of the otherattendees. So you can look at just one smaller group of photos of the eventor all This step will introduce your prospects to the concept that you havephotographs available for view on a photo-sharing web site and allow themto hyperlink directly to your photo site.

ProvidersChoices are plentiful when it comes to selecting a photo-sharing web site.

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To determine which of these is right foryou, take a look at a few of them in order to understand what features theyoffer in comparison to which are most important for you. For providers of digital cameras and camera cell phones, spend a littletime online looking at reviews, prices, and blogs. The same holds true forphoto-editing software. If you have Photoshop, then you have everything youneed. Thou shalt take a lot of photographs. Get a digital camera or camera phone and start taking pictures.

Because they are digital, there are no associated development costs. Like anything else, the more you practice, the better you become. Thou shalt edit your photographs. While many photo-editing software applications have a one-click photo enhance feature, try using the manual adjustment sliders and effects.

To play it safe, always practice on a copy of the original photograph. Thou shalt upload. Find as many photographs as possible that you already have. Combine them with the new photos you are taking, and upload them to the photo-sharing site of your choice. Creating an account on a photo- sharing site is easy, only takes about 10 minutes, and is free.

Thou shalt use meta tags and descriptions. Take a few minutes to think about the words that you will use to describe each photo, and the words that your prospects would use to search for your products and services. Thou shalt create and join groups. Search your photo-sharing web site for groups that are similar and appropriate to the type of product or service you sell. Often, the best way. Observe, participate—and then sell.

Thou shalt comment.