The European Health Report 2002 (WHO Regional Publications, European)

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The Regional Office seeks continuously to improve the relevance and quality of its services to the Member States and their populations. The purpose is to support them in developing and sustaining their health policies, health systems and public health programmes. Governments and policy-makers are increasingly aware that access to knowledge enables better policy-making practice.

The policy-makers of the various Member States are also more and more aware that they face common challenges and can learn useful lessons from across national boundaries that shed light on their own specific national situation. The challenge for the Regional Office is to build on the existing data and experience, to facilitate the sharing of this experience and, ultimately, to make those data and indicators practically comparable across the countries. The European health report responds to the statutory requirement to provide the Member States with essential public health information.

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The European Health Report 2002 (WHO Regional Publications, European)

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