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I received rapid response by email of a feature request and bug report. Hope to see selectable inshore weather stations soon! Processing images is an intense piece of work. Someone who doesn't label themself to any specific identity. They are often overlooked by the rest of the world and usually don't 'fit in' with the rest of the scene. They are also commonly used by what friends they think they have, as the outcast being a nice person and all.

Outcasts have a harder time fitting in or finding friends as their interests are probably not what's mainstream and popular.

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Afterall , if everyone was all interested in the same thing which most are the world would be a boring place. A good example would be someone who is a roller coaster enthusiast in school, where no one else gives 2 hoots about that subject matter. It is common that an outcast only hangs out by their friends if the friends have nothing else to do Outcast's friends: Hey, let's call up Bob as none of the rest of our friends could go to the movies. Someone who is years ahead of his time.

A young version of the wise old owl, he is often misunderstood as being self-centered, snobbish, or sketchy, whatever the hell that means. Unfortunately for him, he's often neither, just extremely shy. Because of his shyness, he becomes more and more withdrawn from society which makes him even more reluctant to talk to others after all, what could they be saying about him behind his back? He needs a friend and probably would make a very loyal friend, but his social isolation leaves him doubtful of who to trust. Basically, he's one of the few people who genuinely deserves sympathy.

Alright , I'll admit , I'm an outcast. But I sure am proud of it. Someone who is a human being and is pushed down in society for being a human being. They are the few, the proud, the oppressed. They have the same potential as anyone else in their community usually highschool but since they are normally not rich, have good clothes or "threads", or sometimes even "WHITE", they are targeted. Usually Outcasts aren't seen fighting much due to the fact that most of them are shy and nice people.

Outcast: to his friend s Hey you guys play CoD? Just GTFO here. Outcast goes home and plays his bass. Somebody who doesn't fit in , or they aren't with the "cool" crowd , or any crowd at that. One who does not see the need to socialize with people who are not of the same kind. They think that Poole has a buyer, most likely from the military. Meanwhile, Sheppard goes to Washington D. He wants her to find out anything she can on Project Archetype. Nancy reluctantly agrees, after they argue about the time they were married, that Sheppard kept leaving her on top-secret missions around the World.

Nancy Sheppard gives Sheppard the info on Project Archetype. Later, Sheppard returns to the Apollo , where Lee is finally able to hack into Poole's computer, and made a shocking discovery; Ava Dixon was actually killed in a car accident last December, meaning she'd been dead for months. The Ava they encountered is also a Replicator. They come to the Stanton Research labs, where Ava has disappeared, with a note saying " I never meant for any of this to happen. I am very sorry. Ava ". They then discover that Ava is a different type of Replicator, one programmed with social interaction skills and emotions.

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Sheppard then gets a message, saying that Nancy is waiting for him. He returns to Washington, and meets up with Nancy, she hands Sheppard a memory stick with everything she has found on Project Archetype. She also took the liberty in researching Sheppard, but realizes this was a mistake.

She then wishes him luck, says goodbye and leaves. Now with the new-found information, Lee is able to find out a warehouse in Redding with "pre-assembled masonry panels", which is actually a code word for shipments of Neutronium , the base material for Replicator nanites, so the Replicator could go there to repair. Bates organizes a stake-out, in case the Replicator shows.

However, they need a way to terminate it, but Sheppard gets an idea when Lee mentions a volcano , or molten steel, like in the movies. The teams arrive in the warehouse at night, but couldn't find the Replicator anywhere. However, it is inside the building, and knocks out the entire team, besides Ronon and Sheppard, where they attempt to fight it. However, the Replicator is about to kill Sheppard, where Ava saves him, and fights the Replicator in hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately, the male model gets the upper hand throws Ava aside to deal with Ronon.

Sheppard is then able to get a knife out and stabs the Replicator with it.

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The knife has a locator beacon and on Sheppard's command, the Replicator is beamed away. Ava wonders where it is. Sheppard explains that he has sent it to low-Earth orbit. The Replicator is quickly destroyed through the friction of re-entry. With the situation resolved, the team discuss what is to become of Ava. Despite the fact that she saved them, she is still too much of a security threat. In the end, Sheppard meets with Ava, and tells her that she can be free to roam around Earth, just as long as she is not to work in any scientific fields.

Sheppard wishes her luck, and she walks. However, Sheppard then inexplicably disappears. It is revealed that her consciousness has been transferred into Virtual reality , giving her room enough to explore her own World, without her knowing. They also destroyed her body.

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In the end, Ronon plans to go back to Atlantis. However, Sheppard decides to stay a little longer. He takes a taxi to a house, where his estranged brother, Dave lives. He enters the house, where they have a discussion. Ronon : I watched it last night. There was hardly any fighting. Sheppard : That's cause it's not about fighting. Ronon : Then why's it called Blades of Glory?

Sheppard : Cause it's about Ronon : And this is a real sport?

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Men and women dancing around on ice? Sheppard : Unfortunately. Ronon : Your planet's weird. Sheppard : You can say that again.

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McKay : Hey, I heard what happened. I'm very sorry. Sheppard : Thanks. McKay : You okay?

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Sheppard : Yeah, I'm fine. McKay : You know, I requested to go back with you, but the ancient device on M7G's malfunctioning.

Sheppard : That the planet with all the kids?