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What differentiates BDD from TDD test-driven development is that BDD specifically concerns itself with the actions that a piece of code takes in order to accomplish its task. Add the following line to the head of SpecRunner. It takes a function as a second argument, which will have all the test code in it that tests Circle.

Jasmine unit testing tutorial with examples

Next, there is the it function, which describes a specific behavior. Here we are just making sure it works, so our description is simple, "should run". You can delete the "should run" section, since it was just to make sure it was connected properly. When running our spec, the first error it encoutered is that Circle does not exist.

Why only that? Save the file and re-run the test suite by refreshing SpecRunner. You should now see:. Also, farther down the stack trace should be a line that references CircleSpec and it will look something like:.

That means the error is line 4 character 22 of CircleSpec. Which points to the line that expects the x coordinate to equal This means that we need to set the x coordinate in the constructor, like this:. On your own, add a y coordinate and a radius.

Introducing Jasmine

For each one, BDD the feature by writing a new it After implementing the x, y, and radius specs, our specs are getting a bit repetitive. Now the circle variable exists at the scope of the describe block, and then before each test, we will allocate a new Circle. Then in the spec for the x coordinate, we can just reference the circle. Make the change to your y and radius spec as well. Much cleaner! Suppose we want to be able to draw our circles on a canvas 2d context. Instead, context is a collaborator to circle , and so we should use a mock object instead.

Jasmine comes with spies to let you spy on an object. We are using jasmine.

Jasmine Unit Testing Tutorial | Techiediaries

We name it context and then we are creating the fake functions arc and stroke. We want to make sure an arc was drawn with the x, y, and radius we sent in during construction. JS tricks, it is too tightly coupled to the implementation.

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When testing Ajax, it is better to use Sinon. The preceding example shows how flexible this API is. If it looks too laborous, you may like the fake server:. Test framework integration can typically reduce boilerplate further. Learn more about the fake server.

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Brian Cavalier, Cujo. Testing time-sensitive logic without the wait is a breeze with Sinon.

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  6. The following function debounces another function - only when it has not been called for milliseconds will it call the original function with the last set of arguments it received. As before, Sinon. JS provides utilities that help test frameworks reduce the boiler-plate. Learn more about fake time.

    View more quick examples below, or dive into the API docs , which also provides useful pointers on how and when to use the various functionality. Join the discussion on Stack Overflow!

    How to test JavaScript with Jasmine

    Standalone test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript. Works with any unit testing framework. Become a backer and support Sinon. JS with a monthly donation.