Intermediate Spectral Theory and Quantum Dynamics

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Thesis work on joint research project with SM Wimberger. Research topics related to his stay in Como: Topic is fidelity in quantum kicked rotor systems. Instituto de Fisica. September - March Field of interest:Quantum chaos, quantum information, quantum optics, quantum.

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Research topics related to her stay in Como: Quantum noisy channels modeled by systems with chaotic classical counterpart. Giugno Research topics related to his stay in Como: Studies about the stability in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate with a regular classical counterpart. Field of interest: range from the theory of nonlinear systems to the statistical mechanics of out-of-equilibrium processes, and in particular to anomalous transport and relaxation.

Research topics related to his stay in Como: Anomalus heat conduction in low dimensions. Seminar about "Anomalus Transport and diffusion in non linear Chains". Physics Departament, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Maggio Research topics related to his stay in Como: heat flow in nonlinear systems; thermal rectification, ZT factor. Research topics related to his stay in Como: lecturers about "anderson localization". Field of interest: mechanics and dynamical systems. December - May Field of interest: quantum information, statistical mechanics.

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Research topics related to his stay in Como: statistical mechanics. Field of interest: statistical mechanics of reacting systems. Research topics related to his stay in Como: Thermoelectricity. Student, from Physics Dept. September - October. Taskent University - Uzbekistan.

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August - September Field of interest: quantum chaos. Research topics related to his stay in Como: quantum chaos.

Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Physics. University of Tokyo - Japan. August Field of interest: classical and quantum chaos, statistical mechanics, localization theory. February - March Dipartimento di Matematica, Politecnico di Torino - Italy. Field of interest: non linear systems, statistical mechanics. January - February Departamento de Fisica,. Escuela Politecnica Nacional, Quito - Ecuador. January Field of interest: quantum information, quantum games. Dicember Seminar about: Simple Markov process associated with the distributions of the land holdings and parking lots in a city.

November - February Field of interest: complex quantum systems, field theory, random matrix theory, semiclassical methods. Boutet de Monvel and V. Essential spectrum of a self-adjoint operator on an abstract Hilbert space of Fock type and applications to quantum field Hamiltonians. Annales Henri Poincare 12 arXiv Bach, J. Infrared-finite algorithms in QED: the groundstate of an atom interacting with the quantized radiation field.

V Bach,J. Quantum electrodynamics of confined nonrelativistic particles and Spectral analysis for systems of atoms and molecules coupled to the quantized radiation field. Sigal and A. Positive commutateurs and spectrum of Pauli-Fierz Hamiltonian of atoms and molecules. Dimassi and J. Quantum electrodynamics of relativistic bound states with cutoffs, J. Hyperbolic Differ Equ.

II: Fourier Analysis, Self-Adjointness - Michael Reed, Barry Simon - Google книги

I - Barbaroux, J. On Unitary ray representations of continuous groups - Bargmann, V. Annals Math. Singapore, Singapore: World Scientific p. Bony and J. Resolvent smoothness and local decay at low energies for the standard model of non-relativistic QED. Chen, J.

Between Dynamics and Spectral Theory: June 6 – 10, 2016

Faupin, J. Local decay in non-relativistic QED. This in turn leads to a fine understanding of the quite subtle quantum dynamics. Similar techniques have been recently applied, with equal success, to a number of other physically relevant models, such as classical and quantum spin models and quantum walks on the line. The focus in the community has began to shift towards models of dimension 2 and higher such as operators over the Penrose tiling , which seem to require completely new ideas.

Nevertheless, somewhat simplified but still physically relevant and mathematically nontrivial higher dimensional models demonstrate prominence of techniques from topological dynamics and geometric measure theory — techniques that have been applied with noticeable success in recent years.

Intermediate Spectral Theory and Quantum Dynamics

Thus, the purpose of the proposed workshop is to facilitate dissemination of recent results and discussions on current and future research directions, among the experts in spectral theory and dynamical systems. By Janell Rodgers on May 25, in workshops.

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  • New perspectives on Higgs bundles, branes and quantization: June 13 — 17, Buckminster Fuller: Inventing for Today. Quantitative continuity of singular continuous spectral measures and arithmetic criteria for quasiperiodic Schr odinger operator.