Handbook of Peace and Conflict Studies (Weber in Translation)

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Re-membering: the recovery of artistic vision after right- hemisphere stroke Maria Pachalska Chapter Process unveiled in the laboratory Gudmund Smith Chapter Reality: outside there or inside here? On microgenesis and psychoanalysis Michael Trupp Chapter Self-organizing ontogenesis on the phyletic frame Don M.

Peace and Conflict Studies

Tucker Chapter Biography Chapter Searching for New Contrasts. Since humility is—more than ever—urgently needed in scholarship, we have chosen to qualify our conceptual adventure as a search for new contrasts, thus invoking an essential Whiteheadian concept. As the reader will have already understood, contrast does not mean here contention, or strife, or even comparison between fields that are essentially foreign to each other; it means emphasizing the complementariness of differences and the promotion of synergies.

Riffert and John B. Part I. Psychotherapy Psychotherapy in Process, John B. Roy The Universality of Impermanence, C. Subjectivity, Process, and Rationality more. Grouped into four sections Process and Universals, Nature and Subjectivity, Ethics and Civilization, Psychology and Phenomenology the fifteen papers collected in this book cover a range of topics which is as wide and as intertwined as Wiehl's own expertise: the common thread that runs through all contributions is the problematic nature of subjectivity and especially of its process slant, that can be grasped only through the static schemes of rationality.

Table of contents 0. Introduction, Michel Weber Chromatiques 0.

Ontology and Methodology I. Nikos Psarros Marburg , The ontology of natural things and artifacts I. John B. Claremont , On Prehension I.

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Joseph A. Bracken Xavier , Creativity versus Rationality? Philosophical Psychology and Psychosomatics II. Affect and Ethics III. The Roar of Awakening. To do so, it chooses to explore afresh a cross-elucidatory path that was born with the field of history of religion and Religionwissenschaft : what have we, and can we, learn from a dialogue with Eastern worldviews?

In order to generate meaningful contrasts between these different systems of thought, all the papers address the following core issues. On the one hand, how does the given system understand the interaction of individuality, society, and nature or cosmos? On the other hand, what is the paradigm of all mal-adjustment or pathology and what is its typical tuning-in or curative pattern?

What are furthermore the ins and outs of the diagnostic and therapeutic assessments involved? Wherever possible, some meta theoretical and clinical issues are addressed from the vantage point of selected material from abnormal psychology or psychiatry. The View from the East 1. Long 4. Can Indian spiritual practices be used in psychotherapy? Transcultural Dialogue 6. Bradford Vedanta, Process and Psychotherapy, Joseph Grange On Zen Buddhism, Clive Sherlock ".

After Whitehead: Rescher on Process Metaphysics more. The goal of the present volume is to systematically unfold the vices and virtues of Process Metaphysics, and thereby to specify the contemporary state of affairs in process thought.

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To do so, the editor has gathered one focused contribution per chapter, each paper addressing specifically and explicitly its assigned chapter and seeking to promote a dialogue with Rescher. This volume bears witness to that fact. Its essays not only engage Rescher's wrestling with Alfred North Whitehead and process metaphysics in helpful ways but also make distinctive and instructive contributions of their own.

This book advances the development of an important and lively philosophical tradition. Roth, Edward J. Alfred North Whitehead. All its main traits — starting with the Method of Extensive Abstraction — are here questioned anew. Religions, Sciences, Politiques.

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Whitehead , A. Whitehead , Muslim Theology , and Muslim philosophy and thought.

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View on lalibre. Lectures de Religion in the Making more. Lectures de Religion in the Making. Bracken, s. Chromatikon X. Robert J. Bradford Certainty and Conviction Jason W.

Handbook of Peace and Conflict Studies (Weber in Translation)

Whitehead , and Thematic Apperception Test. Chromatikon IX. More Info: in press Publication Date: Chromatikon VIII. Whitehead , and Ecological Civilization. Chromatikon VII. Etudes critiques — Critical Studies David T.

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Chromatikon VI. Etudes critiques — Critical Studies Nathaniel F. Lango, Basic Societies and Physical Purposes. Chromatikon V. Lapoujade et St. Madelrieux IV. Chromatikon IV. Chromatikon III. Chromatikon II. Xavier Verley, Ernst Mach. Un physicien philosophe II.

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Henning, Is There an Ethics of Creativity? Chromatikon I.

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European Studies in Process Thought, Vol. In Memoriam Dorothy Emmet more. Preface Board of Preface Board of Advisors I. International Perspectives on Pragmatism more. Foreword Introduction Philippe Devaux, La Cosmologie de Whitehead more. Philippe Devaux, La Cosmologie de Whitehead.

Whitehead , and John Cobb Jr. View on ufl. It seems more to the point here to speak of the need for an organopolitics. In a nutshell, Marx's ideal and pragmatism should be distinguished from Marxism, and preserved, together with his twin concepts of class consciousness and class struggle. His concept of class needs however some new foundations, while his materialism and determinism would be advantageously replaced by panexperientialism and creativity.

The main bone of contention between A.

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Huxley and G. Orwell is easy to identify Orwell is easy to identify : could or should political power be benevolent. In order to provide a sound answer, three steps are expedient. First, the political contrast drawing a sharp line between Huxley and Orwell is specified.