Handbook of Ceramic Composites

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Corman and K.


Gasch, D. Ellerby and S. Barium Aluminosilicate Composite K. White, F. Yu and Y. Gonczy and J.

Materials Innovation: Fewer Surgeries with Metal-Ceramic Composite Degradable Implants

Keller, G. Jefferson and R. Choi and N. Roether and A.

Chapter 39 -- Updating composite materials handbook volume 5— ceramic matrix composites

Biographie Dr. These materials are gradually absorbed by the body while new bone tissue is simultaneously formed. Ideally, the degree of degradation is adapted to the bone growth so that the degradation of the implant meshes with the bone formation. For this reason, the scientists are developing materials with specifically adjustable degradation. The challenge: the implants have to be mechanically stable enough to fix the bone in place during the entire healing process.

At the same time, they cannot have any allergenic effects or cause inflammation. The researchers at IFAM are relying on metal-ceramic composites.

A metal component based on an iron alloy is being combined with beta-tricalcium phosphate TCP as the ceramic component. In order to be able to manufacture the material composite, the researchers turned to powder injection molding. The process offers the ability to produce complex structures cost effectively and in large numbers.

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Properties such as density and porosity can be controlled selectively—an important factor, since high density and low porosity result in high mechanical strengths. Another advantage is that the materials are available as powders and can be mixed in any proportion prior to processing.

GE Aviation and the Ceramic Matrix Composite Revolution

But what proportion is the right one? In laboratory experiments, the researchers found the optimum composition of the materials for the suture anchor. On the other hand, the tricalcium phosphate accelerates the degradation of the implant. The researchers have succeeded in doubling the degradation rate from to micrometers per year in the laboratory model.

Handbook of Ceramic Composites

Corman and K. Gasch, D. Ellerby and S. White, F. Yu and Y.

Gonczy and J. Keller, G. Jefferson and R. Schmucker and H. Choi and N. Roether and A.

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