Education and Labour Market Outcomes: A French-German Comparison: 30 (ZEW Economic Studies)

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Ulrich Wagner , Univ. Lemons or Sorting? Department Seminar Faculty Seminar Monday, Ken Scheve , : Who Cooperates? Zachary Greene , : Friend or Foe? Michael R. Philipp Denter , University of St. Pedro S. Benjamin E.

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Muriel Niederle , Stanford University: tba. Andrea Ceron , State University of Milan: Inter-factional conflicts and government formation: Do party leaders sort out ideological heterogeneity? Internal Department Seminar Monday, Pierre C. Michael C. Experimental Evidence Finance Seminar Monday, Finance Seminar Monday, 7.

Christina Felfe , University of St. Katharina Walliczek , University of Mannheim CDSE: Exploiting spatial and temporal variation in nutrition at birth, using data on infant mortality and famines: a study of long-run health effects Department Seminar Faculty Seminar Tuesday, Measuring the impact of alleged "robocalls" in the Canadian election with Tom Cornwall Finance Seminar Monday, David Ulph , University of St.

Jeffrey G. Nikolaj Harmon , Princeton University: Are workers better matched in large labour markets? Ulrich K. Liran Einav , Stanford University: Moral hazard in health insurance: How important is forward looking behavior?

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Thomas K. Simon Burgess , University of Bristol : Student effort and educational attainment: Using the England football team to identify the education production function Finance Seminar Monday, What Drives Mineral Commodity Prices? Mannheim Competition Policy Forum Thursday, 8. Erzo F. Christian F. Detlef Fetchenhauer , Universitaet Koeln : Rather stupid than selfish? Lay people's perception of economic reforms Alexander von Humboldt Seminar Monday, Oliver G. Effectively Speaking With One Voice? Alexander von Humboldt Seminar Monday, 1. Adam S.

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Ulrike Schulz , University of Bielefeld: Ist schon alles gesagt? Kalina Manova , Stanford University: Processing vs. Educational Performance in Eastern Europe Gh. Norman Schofield , Washington University, St. Louis: Quandaries of Gridlock and Leadership in U.

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George C. Uwe Dulleck , Queensland University of Technology: Good, the Bad, and the Naive - do fair prices signal good types or do they induce good behavior? Finance Seminar Monday, William B. Business History Talks Thursday, 3.

Mannheim Competition Policy Forum Thursday, Faculty Seminar Tuesday, Annette Bergemann , University of Mannheim: The effects of job displacement on the onset and progression of diabetes Alexander von Humboldt Seminar Monday, Katrin Voltmer , University of Leeds: Democratic norms between universality and cultural construction. Alexander von Humboldt Seminar Monday, Carl Sanders , Washington University at St. Christian Keuschnigg , University of St. Faculty Seminar Wednesday, 7. Rafael Wittek , University of Groningen: Network dynamics and cooperation in organizations.

Achim Wambach , University of Cologne: Profitable contract menus in competitive insurance markets with adverse selection Alexander von Humboldt Seminar Monday, 5. Estimating the effect of political representation in multi-party systems Finance Seminar Monday, James J. Klaus J. Cezar Santos , University of Pennsylvania: Why not settle down already?

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Jean-Edouard Colliard , Paris School of Economics: Rational blinders: is it possible to regulate banks using their internal risk models? Faculty Seminar Thursday, David R. Martin Dolezal , University of Vienna: Saliency or position? A new method for analyzing party manifestos Finance Seminar Monday, 5.

Historical Evolvement and Empirical Evidence. A study of choice-based letting, ethnicity and segregation in England Internal Department Seminar Monday, Georg Lutz , University of Lausanne: Who participates? How participatory democracy reduces equality in representation Alexander von Humboldt Seminar Monday, Jon A. Dirk Engelmann , University of Mannheim: Choosing how to choose: efficiency concerns and constitutional choice Alexander von Humboldt Seminar Monday, Marc Hooghe , University of Leuven: Is there still a linkage between citizens and the state?

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  8. Alexander F. Gregory Crawford , Univ. Theory and Evidence from U. Multi-generational effects of in-utero shock exposure on third generation health and cognitive outcomes in India. Wage cuts and health at birth: the adverse effects of in utero exposure to economic shocks. Does maternal mental health during and straight after pregnancy affect child development? Session Chair: Beatrice S. Can Schools Change Religious Attitudes? The intergenerational effect of education on mental health - evidence from a regression discontinuity design for the UK.

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    The causal effects of internships on academic outcomes: A shred of evidence from the UK. The labour market differences of asylum populations and economic migrants in Switzerland. Lucas; Michigan State University. Is the Remedy Worse Than the Disease? Disentangling the causal effects of air pollutants on health: when the numerous characteristics of the planetary boundary layer can help. New evidence from the tax on sugary drinks using longitudinal scanner data.

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    The effects of private health insurance on health and labor market outcomes. Evaluating the housing, health, and service outcomes of an intensive support program for the chronically homeless in Australia. Is a Sorrow Shared a Sorrow Doubled?