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One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime — a national public health issue that has relentlessly affected the lives of millions of Americans. While medical professionals and educators are trained to notice signs of this staggering issue, the Empire Beauty School of Massachusetts decided it was time get creative about hair and to join the action.

Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan lauded the class of beauty students as being "truly the key" to preventing domestic violence.

The non-profit, Cut It Out, trains stylists to recognize the signs of abuse that may come out during conversations often had during an appointment. By maximizing on the relationship between stylist and client, this educational program is a effective way at reducing domestic violence that often goes unnoticed. The trust formed within a hairstylist relationship is the foundation for success in this program.

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Most clients stay with their same hairstylist for years, and frequently confide personal information in them. So if you're wondering why hair stylists are considered the perfect individuals to take on this new role?

Here’s our roundup of some easy and inspiring cut-out cake designs.

I've told a lot of my clients that I see them more times than I see close friends and family. It's every six weeks like clock-work.

You begin to develop a close relationship with these people and they begin to come your friends and family. We get to hang out for a few hours at a time so it opens things up for a lot of different conversations for sure.

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During the training session the stylists are taken through the three R's Recognize, Respond, and Refer. There is no cost for shipping.

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